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Friday, August 3, 2012


Work From Home! $95 per Referral! Get Paid Daily! 

Currently Available To People in USA, Canada United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Sadie

That’s me!  

Unlike other Work From Home Jobs, I don’t have to wait for a check at the end of the month! I get Paid Daily!!              
$95 PER Referral!

I dont want to waste ur time so, Im gonna get RIGHT TO THE POINT! Here is the FULL step by step process BEFORE u fill out any info!
1st You Go to my website:
There will be a short video, im sure u have seen a dozen times before that tries to entice you to enter your info. JUST DO IT. -It gives you access to a 2nd page with ANOTHER Video.. you can watch it if u want.. or DON’T, cause im telling u RIGHT NOW, without all the fresh cut green grass, flashy car and huge house pictures, HOW IT WORKS. 

Under the video on my website 

 When u click Step 1 it will look like this!
Step 1 requires you to sign up for ZNZ One
 The first step is selecting HOW, YOU Will be Paid for EACH of YOUR referrals. 
 If u have Paypal, select Paypal.. If you want to be paid by check, select that, ect. 

The next page in Step 1 requires you to complete 1.0 credit offer.
 The page is filled with offers that looks like this!

(the offers are free to low cost, you are required to keep the offer for a minimum number of days but you CAN cancel before the trial is up to avoid getting charged anything additional.) ((unless u like the product/service))
DONE with step 1!
(For each person that completes this step YOU are paid $20)

 Step 2 requires you to sign up for ZNZ Big CASH and complete 1.0 credit offer.
(The pages will look the same as before so Im not gonna add pictures)

(TIP: If you go to do an offer and it says the "daily cap has been met" - it means too many people have completed that offer today.. SO do a different offer, or try again after 12:00am when the offers renew)
Step 2 is DONE!
(For each person that completes this step YOU are paid $75)

So, If someone completes Step 1 & Step 2 you get $95 even if they don’t complete Step 3!

STEP 3 is getting your website 
It is FREE!!